Spookiest Costumes of 2014

Its 2014 and Halloween is right around the corner, and having a lame costume is totally basic. For those of you who are still stuck on what to be for Halloween this year, hold my avocado and don’t fret! Here are 6 simple and spooky costume ideas that are on fleek and will totally slay:

Colin Kaepernick

Colin proved himself as one of the NFLs brightest young stars after leading the San Francisco 49ers to the 2013 Super Bowl as a rookie. Kaepernick signed a record six-year, $126 million extension with the 49ers in June 2014 installing him as San Francisco’s QB of the future. Finding yourself a Kap jersey might be difficult, considering his jersey was the 3rd most popular in the NFL this season. Either way, Kaepernick is sure to be a fun, non-controversial, and safe costume pick this year.


Pinkeye Bob Costas

Undoubtedly the most entertaining portion of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia was watching the deterioration of Bob Costa’s nasty case of pinkeye. Find yourself a sporty quarter zip, slap on some red eyeshadow, and spark up several spliffs to get that authentic pinkeye look ‘the natural’ way.


Jared from Subway

Here’s a clever group costume that people are sure to love. One of you goes as Jared’s ‘before’ picture, and the other goes as the ‘after’ picture. Be sure to stuff the ‘before’ persons shirt full of pillows to make him look fat and make sure you have plenty of Subway swag to wear. Beware! Kids can’t resist the healthy and delicious flavors of Subway sandwiches and neither will your #1 bae!


Joffrey Baratheon

Game of Thrones is so in right now, so embrace your bad side and be the most evil villain in the show! Joffrey Baratheon’s rule in Westeros is sure to be a long and painful ordeal, so this costume can be repeated year in and year out! Find yourself some maroon red robes, a fancy crown, and an unfettered sense of entitlement and you will be feeling like you are sitting on the Iron Throne!


Bill Cosby

Everyone’s favorite family-friendly comedian is a simple and hilarious costume to pull off! Find the ugliest sweater in your closet and watch the ladies literally pass out from laughter when they see you in your ironic sweater.


Donald and Melania Trump

If you and bae are looking for a hilarious duo costume, consider going as the Trumps! Donald and Melania Trump are two high-flying celebrity B-listers that are sure to be a hit. Don your favorite suit (pun intended!) and grab every woman’s butt in sight to totally spook your friends!


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