The Democratic Facade of Russia

The Russian state operates on paper as a federal republic. Much like their democratic and parliamentary cousins, they have a distinct legislative, presidential, and judicial branch, hold elections, and have a constitution. However Russia's erratic behavior in the international community, such as their brazen murder of Sergei Skripal and their intrusion into U.S. elections, have … Continue reading The Democratic Facade of Russia


AbstractPizza is a food built upon paradoxes. Pizza and the appreciation of pizza transcends race, religion, political affiliation, and socioeconomic status while simultaneously drawing stark and deeply entrenched battle lines in regards to quality, quantity, and classification. Deep dish vs thin crust. Stuffed crust vs classic crust. Don’t even get me started about toppings. The … Continue reading The PQT

2017 in Film

In an ideal world we will have divorced the concepts of competition and accolades from any discussion surrounding art. Art by nature is about (or should be about, anyways) feeling and intuition and “the indescribable”. However that is mostly impossible not only because of our capitalist society and the concept of competition underpinning everything, but … Continue reading 2017 in Film

Top 5 Franchises I Would Give Myself Brain Damage to Re-experience For the First Time

I recently stumbled across this meme: Apart from being hilarious, it got me thinking about what franchises I would willingly get amnesia for in order to experience them again for the first time. “Going back to college” and “losing my virginity” immediately came to mind. However for the sake of argument and debate I limited … Continue reading Top 5 Franchises I Would Give Myself Brain Damage to Re-experience For the First Time